We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. To send an email, double click on the staff member's name. Our main telephone number is 505-982-5619.

Pastoral Team and Staff

The Cathedral Pastoral Team and Staff



Very Rev
Adam Ortega y Ortiz

Fr. Daniel Gutierrez
Associate Rector 

Msgr. Robert Calles
Ministerial Assistant 

Deacon Bill Kollasch
Facility Coordinator

Deacon Juan Martinez 
Sacramental Programs 

Sister Anna Maria
Lozano, MCSH

Pastoral Associate of 
Reiligious Education 

Guadalupe Dominguez
 Kathleen Echols
Music Coordinator 

Carmen Flórez-Mansi
Pastoral Associate of Music 
Gabriel Gabaldon
Pastoral Associate of Liturgy

Liz Gallegos
Pastoral Associate of Youth

Anita Lopez
Parish Receptionist 

Tom Mansi
Pastoral Associate of Finance
Carlos Martinez
Pastoral Associate of Administration

Filiberto Perez
Linda Seabrooks
Gift Shop Buyer
Tina Vercruysse
Giftshop Sales
Wanda Vint 
Pastoral Associate of Operations 
Karen Winter
Giftshop Sales